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Indian Community Pittsburgh

Our Telegram started with merging of 5 Whatsapp groups that were very active at one point (All kudos to orignial admins). We are now 1300+ active community. Ours is not an opiniated group and sharing pretty much anything is allowed as long as it is related to Pittsburgh (or) desis in general. We encourage individuals to promote their business/shows/events by periodic updates. Admins of the group try to keep spam out.

To join our group use link https://t.me/joinchat/MS-JOVkBgBy-Y6vxXS1Jcg  

You have to have telegram app installed before using the link. 

From geenral observation we find moving sales and accommodation posts are two top categories that actively trend on our group. For a quick list of other social groups that are active in Pittsburgh, please visit home page and check section "Social Groups". 

Note on Accommodation posting listed on this website: We try to list accommodation posting from telegram group in burghindian.com to provide wider audience. This listing is done by Burgh Indian admins and without consent of telegram message owner. Since these are unauthorized listings, no contact details are ever posted. We expect burghindian viewer to join telegram group and contact the owner. Apart from purging all contact details from messages, burgh indian admins will provide only a limited part of user name to further protect privacy of the Telegram members.  For any new person joing our group, we make sure that this limited part of user name will be sufficient enough to identify the correct message owner.

For example: If we share a request posted by user TJK Kondamuru in our Telegram group on to this site. We would first purge any contact details from post and only post @TJK as the owner name. Any one who wish to join Telegram group to contact TJK Kondamuru for more details can use @TJK to uniquely identify TJK Kondamuru. See below on how it is done.

Start typing user name starting with @, this will make Telegram to show all users for you to tag. As you type part user name given on website (i.e. @TJK), Telegram will filter names and give you one person matching your letters.  This person will be message owner. We only provide minimum letter to uniquely identify users. 

We chose this method to ensure that first communication is made on telegram group, since that is where original message was posted. Re-listing on Burgh indian is only to help it reach wider audience only.

Advertisements on Telegram group: At this time there is no paid advertisements on the group. All messaging is free and indivduals are encouraged to advertise their enterprise. Burgh Indian admins will post content of their sponsors in the Telegram group on their sponsors behalf. All posted content will adhere to Telegram general guidelines. 

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Our Telegram group, Indian Community Pittsburgh. It is one of largest social group in Pittsburgh for Indians. Be first to know about all cultural events, choose from moving sales and post your need.