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  • How can we help? Please write to us at, we will try to get in contact with you as soon as possible. For faster response, please be brief with your message and indicate your preference of communication. Let us know if you prefer email, call (or) text.

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All posts are free and active for 21 days.

  • Your name and email id will be kept private and will not be displayed to external users. User will reply to your post using reply box.
  • All posts are active for 21 days. All posts are monitored by Admin. Posts with malicious content will be deleted without any notice.
  • Burgh Indian is a simple dashboard of posts, Security of your posts is maintained by email id and secret code.
  • You can edit/delete post with help of your secret code and email id. For ease of usage we do not employee any email verification
  • There is limit of 5 Active posts per user. This is to avoid spam.
  • You can add images to posts. Each image has an upload limit of 2 MB and each post can have 10 images. For larger images We will resize images to save bandwidth and space.

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  • If you have any event (or) Ad, We can have it on homepage carousel. Please contact us for right dimensions.
  • A small free will be charged for For Profit events

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  • Our group in one of the largest social media Desi group in Pittsburgh. It is a vibrant group with more than 1400+ members.
  • Post on our Telegram group for instant brand recognition and to reach wide Indian audience. It is free if you join our group and post your ads.
  • Check this link to learn about joining our Telegram group and our rules on spam

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  • Contact us at to add your banner ads / thumbnail ads to the website.
  • All events from our sponsors will be posted on our Telegram group. After initial post we will also alert members on your upcoming events. We will not spam
  • Sponsors can have their events published on homepage carousel for free.
  • Sponsors can have their sponsored content published on our home page